Composition and Compatibility

Natural extraction containing 5% Humic / Fulvic and 1% Amino Acid in powder from balance Calcium based bentonite powder as inter material to make quantity sufficient as 100% w/w. Extracted from natural deposits of plant origin hence non Phytotoxic and completely safe.

What is Fulvic Acid and what it does to your livestock?
Having a dramatic impact on health, fulvic acid is the element that makes nutrients absorbable. It maintains cellular integrity and aids in the cellular detoxification process. Fulvic acid is so powerfull that a single molecule can transport more than 60 minerals and trace elements to the cells. Scientist have referred to it as the elixir of life and theorize that without it, life would not exist. Its is nature’s most powerful anti oxidant! It can either alter into new useable compounds or eliminate them as waste. It scavenges heavy metals and detoxifies pollutants. Fulvicacid is the water soluble portion of Humic Acids.

Fulvic acid is the most powerful natural electrolytes known to exist. It charges regenerates,

regulates and delivers it’s energies to living cells. It balances cellular life by restoring the electrical potential that was once normal to the cell. Fulvic acids are in a natural form to interact with, and be absorbed by, living cells maintaining the environment by dissolving mineral complexes and elements, fulvic acid causes cells to bio-react electrically with one another. This produces catalytic reactions, electron transfer, and transmutations into new minerals. Fulvic Acids are necessary for the utilization of vitamins, enzyme production, and hormone structures. It is essentials to living cells carrying out metabolic processes. It balances and energizes cells life and the biological properties. It comes into contact with, cells on the inside or outside of a biological system can absorb molecules bound to fulvic acid Whether these natural compounds are ion (single molecules) ,or collides (grouping of molecules), has little bearing on adsorption.


  • Increases milk and butterfat production significantly
  • Improves overall immunity in animals & builds up defenses against pathogens like E Coli
  • Prevents bacterial and viral infections to great extent
  • Keeps cattle vigorous under conditions of stress during extreme summer & winter
  • Reduces dependence on antibiotics considerably
  • Better feed conversion due to improved digestibility
  • Reduces incidence of digestive upsets such as diarrhoea
  • Faster recovery even from infections like masitis
  • Improves assimilation thus ensuring less undigested particle in fecal matter
  • Reduces odor and insect problems quite significantly
  • Helps in building up stronger bones

“Fulvic Acid given by a nutraceutical company- Winatural- is an organic compound which increases the growth rate, milk production, total solids of milk and promotes speedy recovery from disease. Since it is an organic supplement there is no side effect. We have tested the product in the field for fifteen days. The feed supplement has increased the Fat & SNF content in the milk without affecting the health of the animal. Instead the animals are more active after being on the supplement.”


Full Grown Cattle             10 gms (two scoops) per day mixed with daily feed intake
Calves                                   5 gms (One scoops) per day mixed with daily feed intake



Composition and compatibility

  • Natural Extraction containing 5% Humic/Fulvic and Amino Acids.
  • Compatible with any type of solid or liquid feed


  • Reduces mortality in broilers
  • Increases daily live weight of broilers
  • Improves feed consumption & digestibility resulting in better FCR
  • Improves overall immunity in birds
  • Builds up anti body titer values significantly against ND & IBD in chicks
  • Reduces requirement of antibiotics considerably
  • Promotes Uniformity in flock
  • Improves calcium and trace element utilization
  • Acts as excellent antiviral agent
  • Helps in production of eggs of superior shell hardness & Quality
  • Improves egg production over a period of time

**Use Recommendation 4kg. Per Ton (4gm. Per K.G.) of feed as feed additive


Fulvic Acid and Lysine  in liquid form To be used as feed supplement @ 2 ml per litre of water.




HUMIVET and its use in Fish Culture

  • HUMIVET — keeps the water clean and pure & maintains the pH balance
  • HUMIVET — helps in abundant growth of Zooplankton & Phytoplankton — primary fish food
  • HUMIVET — significantly improves the dissolved oxygen percentage in fish tanks / ponds
  • HUMIVET — reduces the need to use of chemical fertilizers and certain other inputs
  • HUMIVET — brings about a significant growth in the live weight of the fishes
  • HUMIVET — improves the immune system in the fishes to resist various diseases
  • HUMIVET — helps ¡n improving the keeping quality of the fishes
  • HUMIVET — brings about significant Economic benefits by eliminating / reducing the cost of certain
    inputs on one hand & fetching better market prices for healthier fishes on the other

HUMIVET — Dosage in Fish Cultivation

  • Broadcast 7 kgs per acre — 10 days prior to introduction of finger lings in the tank / pond
  • Broadcast 7 kgs per acre — 30 days after such incorporation or 7 days after introducingfinger lings
  • Broadcast 6 kgs per acre — when the fishes weigh around 200 grams each


A Tabular Representation

Approx. Per Acre Requirement of Other Fertilizers in Fish Cultivation
Pond NOT using HUMIVET Fertilizer / Input Type Pond using HUMIVET
60 TO 65 KG
100 KG
75 KG
2500 KG
75 KG
20 KG
40 TO 50 KG



Humic / Fulvic Amino Acid in Liquid form Dogs 4 ml per day Pups & Cats 2 ml per day


Our Product use and Responses

Our  products are being used since the last TWELVE years in states like Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Assam & NE States, West Bengal, Maharashtra etc.

We have received excellent responses from their usage in all crops such as paddy, cereals, pulses, vegetables, chillies, potatoes, tapioca, groundnut, turmeric, ginger, bananas, citrus, apples, grapes, pomegranate, sugarcane, coconut, arcanut, plantation crops such as Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Cardamom, Pepper, Clove etc where there has been significant increase in the quantity as well as the quality of the yield.

The keeping quality and the taste of the produce had also undergone appreciable betterment.