About Us

Since its inception at the dawn of civilization, farming has been much more than a mere mean of earning a livelihood to mankind. Basically, agriculture is an eloquent expression of an affectionate attachment in between man and nature just like mother and child. However, in view of unprecedented ‘population explosion’ as observed by a noted economist, agronomy had to go through a sea of changes. With sole emphasis on productivity – high input in exchange for high yield (even if it is diminishing in the long run) instead of skilled natural wholesome husbandry, farmlands have been being exploited for the sake of immediate sacrificing the ultimate inhumanely.

As inevitable consequences, four essential concerns – eventual infertility of the land, the hazardous feature of food it produces, impact on the people’s health and the severe damage to nature at large – are ignored. When we discovered the  grim ground realities in agribusiness, what literary shook us from deep within was the silent weeping of soil, traumatized under the vice-like grip of so called ‘green revolution’ which slowly but surely is turning out to be the ‘Nemesis’ ,the Greek goddess of revenge, to our surrounds. Nevertheless, we did not give in to  desperation at all .The trying time  prompted us to come up with  a robust value based system so that past mistakes can be erased  with well-thought-out corrective measure from present with an eye to a promising future above everything else.

In 2009 we began our journey in agro-farming sector modestly as a partnership firm titled as ‘Valueman Consultancy Services’. Continuous support of our customers from far and wide encouraged us to convert our farm into a corporate entity as ‘Valueman Consultancy Services Private Limited’ in 2012, just within three years of our foundation. After penetrating into marketing consultancy decisively, we consequently diversified into end to end trading of organic agricultural inputs along with manufacturing job work for veterinary feed. Agriculture on principle is a noble trade for it is the backbone of our sustenance

The very mention of the name ‘VALUEMAN’ evokes an impression of a healer who preaches and practice affirmative values among our farmer friends. These are the values that save mankind from an unseen slow-poisoning due to adulterated crop. Thus, on principle we deserve to be known as valueman out of our pride of performance. So, unlike others we provide only quality nourishing agricultural inputs to farmers that ensure quality farm output in view of genuine wellness for all. Thus we ensure flow of vigor from farm to fork.

Corporate Core Values

What is todays agricultural all about?

  • Alertness or carelessness
  • Discretion or simplemindedness
  • Contentment or covetousness
  • Resourcefulness or wastefulness
  • Sincerity or Hypocrisy

As we are a value based entity there are the values that drive us principally.

  • V —— VIBRANCY          (We always throb with positive vibes.)
  • A ——- ALERTNESS        (We constantly keep an eye on surround.)
  • L ——-  LOGIC                 (We are guided by holistic logic.)
  • U —— UNBIASEDNESS (We always welcome suggestions.)
  • E  ——  EXCELLENCE   (We never compromise with benchmark)
  • M ——  MOTIVATION  (We aim at food-safety for all)
  • A  ——  ASPIRATION   (We want to leave a  sustainable legacy)
  • N  ——  NOVELTY       (We are keen on  innovation)



  • Our Philosophy


Who really bothers over the open secret that conventional modern farming is   eating into our vitality slowly but surely? In addition, our surround and biodiversity is also endangered today courtesy to the conventional farming. Under this grim situation, we have stepped up to save the agricultural sector of our beloved motherland from such a vice like grip. Valuman as an organization believes in agriculture in harmony with nature. Thus, we add values to lives.

As an indispensable aid to farmers, these are the services that we offer:

  • Tailor-made solution as per specific agricultural input requirement of the farm
  • Emphasis on quality organic agricultural input for quality output
  • Identification of agricultural methodological issues and production problems
  • Guidance on the background of the farm with an eye to future
  • Expertise advice on feed, seed, equipment, livestock, etc. for better yield
  • Organizing training sessions and onsite  product demonstrations
  • Collection and organization of data and information
  • Preparation of business plan
  • Execution of Agricultural projects on turnkey basis

Moreover, in broader perspectives, building a realistic baseline for an organic culture in every nook and corner of our country is our ultimate objective .In order to achieve that stated objective we aim at these basics:

  • Creation of the capacity of organic inputs and produces in tune with the demand and supply gap with flagship projects like organic community kitchen garden, organic foods and fruit apps etc.
  • Spreading awareness about the myth and facts regarding the feasibility of organic farming.
  • Being an active part of implementation of government policies required to develop and device models of achieving zero net land degradation in India,

A green economy with a healthy community is not a fantasy but the need the hour in reality. After all only an organic India can be a healthy India.

We are devoted to promote sustainable Organic Farming and popularise use of organic products  for a clean and green surround above everything else. We  change the hazardous agricultural methods in a positive and eco-friendly manner. At Valueman Organic®, we foster Veracity, Trust, Affability and Motivation which are the driving force of our company. We always discover fresh possibilities with confidence and positive mind. We want to make the world a better place for our present and upcoming generation.


In today’s dynamic business world our vibrant management is ready to take any challenge head on. Competence is the ultimate word that defines the work culture of valueman. Our resourceful management is a pool of unparalleled talent congregated from different domain of expertise, spearheaded by an idealistic and workaholic, corporate core group. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and best in class principle and practice, we are ever ready to be at our valued customer’s service.

Our Product Line

Valueman Organic consists of four thriving segments such as Organic Agricultural input, Fish Feed, Cattle and Poultry Feeds. We take these products to the clients in varied required specifications of theirs .Besides, our clients can also avail the standardized product range from us in accordance with industry bench marks. We are not just their input supplier but more importantly their output planner and maker.

  • Valueman Organic Agricultural Input has an extensive product range comprising of Organic manure, soil nourisher, Plant growth promoter, Plant growth regulator, Organic fungicide, pesticide, etc.

Why Valueman Organic Agricultural Input ?

  • It is a great pity that our uncritical farmers prefer conventional chemical fertilizers due to more nutrient content as compared to organic fertilizers. However, these chemical input regularly harm the soil quality and affects the environment. Unlike these fertilizers, Valueman Organic Agricultural Inputs develop soil quality and promote crop growth in an eco-friendly way. Let’s see how these products are committed to the growth of revenue of farmer without any damage to nature.

Our Organic manures, produced after years of research and development, provide just the optimum level of nutrients in terms of both quantity and quality that are indispensable for growth of plants naturally. We use a unique component, ‘Leonardite’ sourced from best coal mine across the world. It is a low rank coal derived from prehistoric plant matter, found as outcropping of lignite deposits, usually very close to the surface. It differs from lignite by its high oxidation degree and the higher carboxyl groups. Due to the large amount of living bacteria, Leonardite was formed instead of coal in certain sedimentation layers. Being a highly decomposed compressed natural organic humus that has been further processed by microbial activity, Leonardite has a high Humic acid content which is one of the most bio-chemically active elements  .That is why our inputs functions more delicately as compared to chemical fertilizers which even burn plants in some cases, are free from such risks. In addition, heavy rain cannot wash Valueman Organic Inputs. So, plants can obtain and retain the nutrients from our product for a longer time. The magical result is an improved plant growth with Valueman Organic Agricultural Input compared to other chemical agricultural input.

In aid of the improvement of nutrient content of soil and maintenance of balance of soil structure the performance of our inputs are just excellent. On the contrary, chemical fertilizers release harmful water-soluble chemicals to the soil. In most cases they enter into plant. Sometimes they even drift to the water bodies and pollutes them eventually. Our organic manures and nourishes add biological substances to the soil, which help the soil in retaining nutrients and moisture. They are even extremely useful to sandy soils. Thus, Valueman Organic Input restore the original soil fertility and even improve it.

         Apart from these, our Fungicide, Bactericide, herbicides and pesticides are strong enough to keep harmful insects away from crops yet safe enough not to poison crops. They contain an ingredient named ‘Eugenol’ derived from clove oil, an Herbal extract. Again, our Nutritional supplement are processed out of Potassium Humate, naturally extracted from coal/Leonardite layer, a cradle of mineral found in abundance in nature.


          We have both Pelleted and non-pelleted Fish feed ranges – Valueman Aqua Floating fish Feed, Sinking Fish Feed, Mash and Vannamei Shrimp Feed.

Valueman Aqua Products are the tried and tested quality fish feed that has made a mark in the market both for fresh water or salt water fishes. These are amazing organic non-gmo certified products which meet all the requirement of an ideal growth of fish in a wholesome manner. These products are made of such superior ingredients at right proportions that they are redefining the benchmark of an ideal fish feed wherever they are reaching.

Why Valueman Aqua?

  • We deliver consistent results when it comes to optimal fish growth with outstanding FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) and marginal ecological impact under diverse surroundings.
  • We have a well-structured feeding programme that caters to the need of fish completely in terms of nutrients (say. energy, protein, minerals and vitamins).
  • What makes Valueman Aqua feeds stand out is its ingredient: optimal levels of digestible amino acids for ideal growth necessities of fish and sufficient levels of minerals and vitamins backing up vitality and reproduction.

Valueman Cattle Feed

Valueman Cattle Feeds are one of the pioneers in today’s quality affordable organic cattle feed market. These are an incredible range of Animal Feed & Poultry Feeds and Supplements, Mash and pelleted quality of high protein cattle feed.


Why Valueman Cattle Feed?

  • These products are fruits of tireless efforts of studies for years unlike any other trial and error methods of cattle feed production. They are processed with very nutritious and health boosting element such as cereal, grains, pulses, soy meal, essential amino acid, vitamins, and minerals which are obtained from the vendors of repute in the industry.
  • Naturally, these are wholesome and rich feed that is filled with vital contents and high nutritional value.
  • They have all that it takes for liveliness of birds and animals besides their most desired natural growth.



Valueman Poultry Feed


Valueman Poultry Feed is a name of immense repute in the industry. We offer three different types of feed required during poultry farming, viz., Pre-Starter feed, Starter Feed and Finisher.


Why Valueman Poultry Feed

  • Valueman Poultry is always aware of the high mortality and inevitable suffering of poultry farmers in this industry.
  • It never compromises with any quality issues in view of the highly sensitive nature of this trade.
  • We always provide such feed that can meet all the growth requirement of the birds naturally along with its vivacity and immunity.
  • Valueman Poultry Feed has been doing just that proudly for years.




  • We have been awarded the prestigious membership of the INDIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in the month of Jan 2017. Moreso, we are an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company accredited by American National Standards Institute.


  • We publish an in-house news paper fortnightly by the name of ‘Ananda Bahar’ featuring organic news and articles with a special page subtitling ‘Valueman Organic Varta’.